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2013/08/10 Ectuary 企業能源精算師上線,提供企業專業的綠能服務。
2013/08/10 Ectuary企业能源精算师上线,提供企业专业的绿能服务。
2013/08/10 Ectuary エンタープライズエネルギーがグリーンエネルギー·サービスに特化した企業に提供するために、行にアクチュアリー。
2013/08/10 Enterprise energy management system is now officially online, offering professional Green Energy Management services.
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  • Energy Measurement

    The visualized energy consumption information may help the enterprises to clarify electricity expenses.

  • Energy Control

    The reliable controllers may help the enterprise to reduce unnecessary energy waste.

  • Report Information

    The energy cost report may help to set up the enterprise energy cost records to effectively and apply the appropriate power use strategy.

  • Demand Allocation

    Lowering the peak-hour power use with strategic allocation of operations to reduce the possible penalty charge.


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